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Marinekote is an evolution of Protectakote UVR with inherent similar characteristics , specifically a non slip , coloured or transparent ready to use single component Polyurethane with micro granules for the protection of internal and external flooring and walking areas. Adhesion is good on any prepainted surface without the use of a primer, it can be applied by brush or short hair roller with surprising aesthetic results.Marinekote is our answer to the demand from the private boat owner , the microgranules leave a non slip surface which is easy to clean but still retaining its anti slip traits.The resin base has been modified to allow larger area coverage with lower dry film thickness than Protectakote UVR.. The mechanical, weather and UV resistance remain excellent which make Marinekote a long lasting solution, in case of damage Marinekote can be reapired by simply overcoating , Consult the Data Sheets for surface preparation.

APPLICATIONS: Marine, workplace safety, general flooring.

  • AVAILABLE COLOURS: Marinekote is available in the following colours (colours are indicative): Transparent (can be pigmented) -white - light grey-light blue - red - blue and yellow
  • PACKAGING: 1lt and 4lt tins
  • COVERAGE: 1lt covers 3-4m2 with two coats

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