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How do I apply it?
Apply by roller or by paint brush in the corners and tight areas. Protectakote can also be applied by spray gun.

On what surfaces can it be applied?
Protecta-kote can be applied onto plastic, steel, galvanised steel, wood, fibreglass, aluminium and concrete (some surfaces require a primer).

Where can I use it?
One can use it on ramps, steps, flooring, boats, pick-ups, trailers, trucks and many more.

Can we colour it?
Yes, with compatible pigments

Can we dilute it?
When applying the product by spray gun, one can dilute the paint with a Polyurethane solvent maximum 20%, or to acquire a less rough finish, the dilution increases the coverage which also means that the granules are less compact.

Can we make it less rough?
It can be diluted with a polyurethane solvent to increase the coverage or mix in the smooth version of the same paint.

What is its life span?
Years for the external applications, internal applications have a permanent durability, it is possible even after years to reapply a coat to prolong the durability

Does one need to use a primer?
Only on smooth non absorbent surfaces, excluding painted surfaces eg. motor vehicle applications.

Which primer should I use?
Protectakote is compatable with any primer, taking care that the drying times of each product laid is respected, best are epoxy primers.



How do I remove Protectakote from my hands?
Protectakote must be applied with suitable gloves. To remove paint from hands one must immediatly clean marks with a polyurethane solvent and then wash hands with soap and water. Protectakote is difficult to remove once dry.

How do I remove protectakote from surfaces?
While still damp it can be removed with a polyurethane solvent. Once dry it can only be removed with a Mechanical degalvanizer or paint stripper.

How long does the product take to dry?
24 hours in ideal conditions. The first coat takes approximately 3 hours to dry, at which point a second coat can be applied. The complete chemical resistance of the product is achieved between 4 to 7 days. Humid and hot conditions speed up the cure.

Is Protectakote toxic?
Dried Protectakote is non-toxic. Liquid Protectakote contains solvent, Xylene (Xylol), and isocyanate. Prevent contact with eyes and skin, do not ingest and avoid inhalation of solvent vapours. Use in a well ventilated area. If spraying Protectakote a mask with approved cartridges must be worn.

Which is the minimum temperature in which it can be applied?
Protectakote has a slower drying process in cold temperature or humidity. In 10° drying time for the first coat will take between 6 to 12 hours. Protectakote must not be applied below 5°.



Does it flake or peel?
No, it is completely flexible between -30 to 120° C.

Does it lose it's shine?
In internal applications it retains it's shine but for external use it looses it (this does not reduce it's efficiency). For external use we have a UVR version which maintains the shine externally and internally.

What does Protectakote do?
It protects painted surfaces againt abrasion, wear, corrosion and light chemical substances. It leaves a non-slip surface, non abrasive with a long durability.

What guarentee does Protectakote have?
Protectakote is guaranteed against defective materials and manufacture. As the many variables of surface preparation, type of substrates and method of application are beyond our control we cannot accept liability for the application. If there is any doubt of adhesion or performance etc. a test patch is recommended.

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