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Protectakote Italia

Protectakote Italia is a family business established for the exclusive importing, sales and technical consulting of the Protectakote range of products.We are specialised in the single component Polyurethanes for various fields of application and in direct colaboration with the manufacturers.Our products are currently utilized in the transport, building, safety, marine and military sectors by professionals and private users alike, from industrial to domestic size requirements.

We furthermore contribute to product developement of new and improved versions of our product range, for example the transparent non slip and flame retardant versions. This demonstartes our indepth knowledge of our products and their limits which are transmitted directly to our customers.

Contact us for any information, our friendly and competent staff will satisfy any enquiry.

Our product range


Single component protective and non slip products

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Liquid waterproof membrane

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Protective Polyurethane for florring

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Non slip marine coating

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Protectakote Italia

Via di Tiglio, 825
55062 - Castelvecchio di Compito (LU)
Tel: +39 0583 981463
P.Iva: IT02334650468
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